HAVAL JOLION HEV first launched in Thailand

GWM News 2021-11-30

On November 25th, HAVAL JOLION HEV was first launched in Bangkok, Thailand, under the witness of more than 250 Thai media, dealers and user partners in the famous landmark Siam Paragon Shopping Center.

On November 25th, HAVAL JOLION HEV was first launched in Bangkok, Thailand, under the witness of more than 250 Thai media, dealers and user partners in the famous landmark Siam Paragon Shopping Center. The new vehicles launched this time include three models: Tech, Pro and Ultra. With the focus on users the first HAVAL User Committee was set up. It will practice the concept of "user-centered" in a more refined and systematic way, and aims for building a global users brand.

HAVAL JOLION HEV was launched in Bangkok, Thailand

Four advances, ranked first in many areas,HAVAL JOLION HEV made the peak debut

    Before the official launch, on November 8th, the first HAVAL JOLION HEV officially rolled off the line at the Rayong factory, and its stunning appearance amazed the industry. From November 15th to 19th, the national media representative took a test drive around Thailand, and the leapfrog intelligent technology was well received. From November 15th to 24th, the pre-sale was fully opened, and the orders were very hot, showing the potential for champions in the market segment; on November 25th, the highly anticipated HAVAL JOLION HEV was launched on the market.

HAVAL JOLION HEV media test drive

This launch conference is the largest offline event in Thailand since the epidemic gradually eased, and also an event held in the top commercial landmark in Thailand. Before that, the Loy Krathong Festival in Thailand on November 19th was the biggest festival in Thailand in two years. The HAVAL JOLION HEV super lantern was unveiled on the Chao Phraya River. The cruise route included Siam World Park, night market, high-end business district, etc., becoming the largest of the night. The water lantern officially started the countdown of launch, attracting countless eyes.

HAVAL JOLION HEV super water lamp unveiled on Chao Phraya River

All elegancy and intelligence,HAVAL JOLION HEV starts to flourish

The HAVAL JOLION HEV adopts the design concept of the future’s axis, and through sharp lines, it constructs an aesthetic axis of the car body full of future and technological sense, which represents the leading direction of the future. With edge-breaking matrix headlights, wind-flowing lights through the waistline, flared rear taillights, dynamic hubs, etc. HAVAL JOLION HEV reshapes mechanical aesthetics and lead the fashion trend.


The leapfrog luxury intelligent configuration further interprets the product positioning of Your Intelligent SUV. HAVAL JOLION HEV is equipped with L2+ intelligent driving assistance with 14 radars and 5 cameras, and a 360° intelligent parking system, which can easily achieve more than 20 smart functions including ACC, LDW, BSM, AEB, etc.

In the smart cockpit, a 12.3-inch central control + LCD + HUD constitutes a three-screen interconnection system, which creates a multi-functional and multi-scenario smart space for users to enjoy the function of entertainment, rest, navigation, and weather forecasts, interpreting the connotation of the technology cockpit. At the same time, with FOTA upgrade, the car can evolve and become a smart partner that accompanies users to grow together.

Relying on the technical advantages of GWM L.E.M.O.N hybrid DHT, which are highly integrated, high-performance, and multi-mode gasoline-electric hybrid, HAVAL JOLION HEV interprets "Your Intelligent SUV" with a number of leading intelligent and technological configurations, opening a new era of intelligent hybrid driving.


The L.E.M.O.N Hybrid DHT architecture integrates high-efficiency hybrid engines and dual-electric motors. Under urban conditions, the overall efficiency of the power system can reach 43-50%, and the overall fuel consumption of the SUV per 100 kilometers is as low as 4.2L. This modular design can bring higher integration, smaller size, lighter weight, lower maintenance costs, and higher efficiency.

At the press conference, Zhang Jiaming, President of GWM's ASEAN region, said: “GWM is committed to becoming a leader in new energy vehicles in the Thai market, focusing on cultivating the field of smart and new energy SUVs, hoping to create smart and enjoyable experience of driving and riding for more users. I believe that every model of GWM in the future will bring more surprises to users. "

Zhang Jiaming, Regional President of GWM ASEAN

 Set a up a user committee to reconstruct the ecology of Thai automobile users.

Trust starts with reliable products, and it relies more on the accompanying growth of the brand and users. At the press conference, the HAVAL User committee was formally established. The HAVAL User committee has five major functions of propose for product technology upgrade, product experience optimization, service quality supervision, user service improvement, user activity themes and forms, truly giving the initiative to users.

Wang Shihui, vice president of GWM ASEAN region, said, “The HAVAL User committee will establish a mechanism for HAVAL car owners, fans and brand to directly dialogue, listen to the voices of consumers, and review and optimize our strategies, products and services through real feedback from users and will create a real platform for co - creation of users."

Strive for new intelligence and seize the opportunity of new energy,global strategy leads industrial transformation and consumption upgrading

With the launch of HAVAL JOLION HEV, GWM has launched a total of three new energy models in Thailand, including HAVAL H6 HEV and ORA GOODCAT. The product lineup covers HEV and BEV, C-class SUV, B-class SUV and BEV sedans to meet the personalized and diverse needs of different market users.

As one of the important markets of the 2025 globalization strategy, GWM's Thailand strategy is steadily advancing, which will continue to lead the transformation and upgrading of the Thai automobile industry to new energy sources and continuously enhance the global brand value of GWM. GWM will create more legends on the road of "Global Smart Technology Company".