Empowering New Ecology with Smart Tech - GWM sold 1.12 million units from Jan to Nov

GWM News 2021-12-10

On December 7, Great Wall Motor Company Limited (stock code: 601633.SH, 02333.HK; hereinafter referred to as GWM) released its production and sales data of November 2021.

In November, GWM sold 122,510 new vehicles (including 15,006 units sold overseas), up 61.3% year on year, reaching a record high, and the sales share continued to increase to 12.2%. From January to November, the total sales of GWM exceeded the annual sales volume of last year, reaching 1,118,624 units, up 16.3% year on year, including 127,026 units sold overseas, up 106.3% year on year.

Sales of GWM from January to November

In November, HAVAL, WEY, ORA, TANK and GWM POER have been fully provided with IOV applications. Adhering to the transformation of "Global smart Technology Company", GWM's product portfolio continues to expand, while the overseas market layout continues to deepen, driving up the competitiveness at the global market and the steady growth of sales performance.

Several new models kicked off presale at Guangzhou Auto Show, with ever-growing brand influence

In November, GWM’s market demand was further increased with the support of a constantly renewed product matrix. At the same time, with "user-centered" product innovation, GWM has started the debuts and pre-sales of several new vehicles, creating the phenomenal impact, and uplifting the brand influence continuously.

Among them, HAVAL achieved monthly sales of 69,170 units in November and total sales of 675,621 units from January to November, up 4.8% year on year. As the "National Legendary Vehicle" with the monthly sales of 32,443 units, HAVAL H6 ranks the first of the best-selling SUVs in China for 101 months in a row. The monthly sales of HAVAL DARGO was 10,345 units, up 20.9% year on year, hitting a record high.

The 3rd Gen HAVAL H6

ORA achieved monthly sales of 16,136 units in November, up 39.2% year on year, hitting a new high in monthly sales, and total sales of 114,102 units from January to November, up 162.2% year on year. Among them, ORA GOODCAT achieved monthly sales of 8,855 units in November, up 12.9% month on month, hitting a new high in sales, and total sales of 40,246 from January to November.

The monthly delivery volume of TANK 300 exceeded 10,000 for the first time, with 10,108 units delivered in November, hitting a new high since the launch, while 72,630 units were delivered from January to November. The opening of the world's first TANK brand experience center marks the implementation of the 3.0 mode of TANK brand direct sales channel, which is a brand new driving force for TANK brand development after product category innovation, technology upgrading and ecology co-creation.

World's First TANK Brand Experience Center

WEY achieved monthly sales of 6,286 units in November, up 7.4% month on month, and total sales of 48,298 units from January to November.

Macchiato DHT-PHEV

GWM Pickup achieved sales of 20,810 units in November and sales of over 20,000 units in 15 months in a row, and achieved total sales of over 200,000 units from January to November, including total overseas sales of 39,721 units at a 128% year-on-year growth. GWM POER achieved sales of 12,807 units in November, and sales of over 10,000 units in 17 months in a row.

China's First Super Pickup Concept

At the 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show, GWM Pickup announced a milestone moment of 2 million global sales achievement. China's first super pickup concept was launched globally, leading the globalization era of China pickups with a continuous expansion of global product lineup.

Accelerated market development in Europe and Thailand, with the first overseas debut of new vehicles such as TANK 500 HEV

GWM's globalization accelerates again. On November 18, after debut at the 2021 Munich Auto Show, GWM ushered in a brand-new initiative in European strategy. Great Wall Motor (GWM) officially opened a German subsidiary in Munich and set up the European headquarters. Related work is also progressing subsequently. GWM Brand Experience Center is planned to be opened in Munich and Berlin in 2022.

Founding of European Headquarters of Great Wall Motor

In the Thai market, ORA GOODCAT and HAVAL JOLION HEV have been launched successively, and the product lineup of GWM in the Thai market has penetrated into several segments of Class C SUV, Class B SUV and BEV cars. GWM's world's first photovoltaic storage and charging integrated supercharging station was also unveiled in Bangkok, Thailand in November and the "G-Charge Ecology" was released, which is indicating that GWM has really realized the autonomous layout of whole-cycle user service in the Thai market and opened a new journey for the globalization of new energy.

Launching of HAVAL JOLION HEV in Thailand

Recently at the 38th Thai International Auto Expo, HAVAL H6 PHEV and TANK 500 HEV debuted, highlighting the strength and determination of GWM to become a new energy leader in Thailand. On December 6, HAVAL DARGO (overseas version) was also launched worldwide at the Saudi Jeddah Auto Show, with more GWM vehicles arriving in the overseas markets.

Great Wall Motor at Thai International Auto Expo

In November, the 3rd Global After-Sales Service Festival of Great Wall Motor kicked off and was orderly promoted in global markets such as Bolivia, Argentina, Bangladesh, Madagascar, Russia, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Chile. Through brand operation + customer operation, and deepening the concept of "professional, efficient and honorable" global service, GWM provides surprise services beyond expectations for overseas users, and achieves remarkable results in promoting overseas subsidiaries and dealers to maintain customers, improve image and build reputation.

3rd Global After-Sales Service Festival of Great Wall Motor

In addition, the development of GWM has been recognized by many parties. Among them, GWM 1.5T L.E.M.O.N hybrid DHT system was awarded 2021 top 10 engines in China, which was the eighth time for GWM's power system. GWM POER was awarded the five-star safety rating by ANCAP, an Australian authoritative assessment organization, and became the first Chinese brand to obtain five - star rating of the upgraded standard. Great Wall Motor Holding Group Limited signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Merchants Bank that will provide GWM Holding Group with an intentional group credit line of RMB 30 billion.

To realize product matrix expansion with category innovation and to accelerate the global market layout with a brand-new lineup, GWM is racing on the transformation journey of "Global Smart Technology Company" with a strong momentum of development to hit a record high of enterprise development.